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Archiving Storage Service - Kent, Dartford, South East London, UK

Archiving is a necessary evil. Records are a legal requirement but take up much needed space in working offices and with office rentals as high as £30 per square foot or more it is an expensive necessity.

Thames Self Storage can free up that valuable space for you with our flexible archiving service which provides you with the option of using our retrieval service or doing this yourself.

We would start by working with you to assess your specific archiving storage requirements but the information below will give you a rough guide.

This is based on standard sized archive boxes measuring in mm 254H, 330W, 381D. If you need 80 or 160 foot units we shelve these for you within the quoted price. If you have less than 200 boxes to store you will only need some 40 sq. ft of storage, which you can use without shelving.

  Price pcm inc VAT Price pcm inc VAT Cost per day
per box ex VAT(pence)
Size (sq ft) Measurements Capacity Number of Boxes Downstairs Upstairs
Length x width x height (ft) Cubic metres
160 ft² 20 * 8 * 8 33m³ 400 £175.00 £160.00 1.1p/day
80 ft² 10 * 8 * 8 15.75m³ 200 £120.00 £110.00 1.5p/day

Retrieval services can be provided and the charge depends on your specific needs in terms of:

  • the urgency of your requirements for box retrieval
  • the distance you need the archives to be transported.

We can provide references for this service. If you would like to check out what we offer and its reliability, please give us a call and we will be happy to provide introductions to professional companies who use our service currently.