Thames Self Storage

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FAQ - Self Storage Service - Kent, Dartford, South East London, UK

How do I get a unit?

Give us a call and we will make an appointment to meet you on site. This will be during office hours Monday to Friday and before lunch on a Saturday. Note that the sites are not permanently staffed and so please call us in advance.

We will show you the site and the units. If you decide to store with us you will need to bring photographic proof of identity (passport, driving licence), a utility bill to prove your current address and a credit or debit card in your name.

This is the only time we need an appointment with you. We will issue you with keys and from then on you can come and go from the facility at any time day or night.

What if I want to start the storage on a Sunday?

We will still need to meet you by appointment to get the contract signed. This can be be a day or two before the storage is due to start and we will give you the keys at that time. Your rent will only start on the day you contract to start using the unit.

How much in advance do I need to reserve a unit?

We can usually respond to clients with only an hour's notice during office hours, but it is usual for customers to call us a few days before to check on availability and to arrange an appointment to sign a contract

Do I have to bring my goods to the site myself?

Yes - this is a self storage service but although we do not collect or deliver goods for you we have some very good and reliable contacts who other clients have used over the years. We would be happy to give you their contact details.

Do you rent vans for removal?

No - sorry!

What notice do I need to quit my storage unit?

We ask that you give us 14 days notice to leave your unit.

If you leave without giving this notice you will be charged for those days.

We understand that you may not know exactly when you will want to leave storage, particularly in the case of house moves. In these circumstances we ask that you give us a call as soon as you get an idea of the likelihood of an exit, and then follow up with a more precise date when it becomes more certain.

What if I give notice but things go wrong and I can't leave on that date?

No problem - just give us a call, tell us of the change and we will make sure we keep up to date with what your circumstances are. Your rental will simply be extended.

How secure is the facility?

We have made every possible effort to ensure that your goods are safe.

  • All units are padlocked and you hold the keys.
  • The site is covered by cctv cameras
  • The only entry/exit gate is access controlled, so we can see who was on site at whatever time and what they were doing whilst on site (but not in their unit).
  • We also have day and night security patrols using professional security companies.
  • And the sites are fully fenced.
  • Because units are self contained, fire is unlikely to spread between units

Our track record over some 10 years is excellent!

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes. Thames Self Storage can to keep your storage costs down to a minimum, but because you have 24 hour access 7 days a week we do not control your movements. The deposit ensures that costs of damage, lost keys or clearing unwanted items abandoned at the facility are paid for by the customer responsible, not shared by all. Deposits are fully refunded when

  • We get keys and padlocks returned
  • All goods are taken away
  • Containers have been checked for any damage
  • .....and the account is settled in full!

The majority of customers get a full refund immediately they leave the site.

Are the storage areas lit or heated?

Although we have floodlighting on the storage facilities, it is not sufficient to light the interior of the units. We therefore recommend that you bring a torch to the site if you wish to work in your area after dusk. We also sell magnetic LED lights which are battery powered which can be stuck on the walls of the unit and moved within them to shine light on whatever you are doing.

There is no power or heating within the units.

Do the storage areas suffer from condensation?

The units are metal and unheated, so the potential for condensation is a concern to many customers. The units will vary in temperature given that they are in an op[en yard. However the double skin of the design prevents any condensation.

You may be told by some that they have a container on site at work and condensation is a problem, but this will only happen if the container walls have been breached or punctured in some way and hence are not fit for the purpose for which it was designed.

All Thames Self Storage containers are purchased brand new and they are never moved from the position you will find them on our facility. They are carefully inspected for any such imperfections and they have all been on site for at least 5 years now without any problems of this nature.

The best evidence of this is testimonials from previous customers. We had a top London fashion designer store with us for 4 years. They stored cloth for making into clothing and then the clothing before shipping into the stores and were in and out of their units daily and there were delighted with the service throughout their stay with us.

Do you sell packaging?

Yes. We have a limited supply of packaging for sale at the sites. Also we hold a stock of bubble wrap.

Can I provide my own padlocks?

No. We supply all locks for use on the site. If the police or other government agency arrives with appropriate warrants for entry, we must be able to provide structured and supervised entry. In such circumstances you would of course be advised as soon as possible.