Thames Self Storage

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Rochester: 01634 727276

Price Guide for Self Storage in Rochester and Belvedere in Kent, UK

How much does storage with you cost?

Prices differ according to the site you chose, the space that you need, whether it is an upstairs unit or downstairs one and whether you are a long term storer.

All prices quoted below are for a calendar month (not a 4 week month) and include VAT at 20% (effective from January 2013.) Prices are subject to future changes in VAT.

With effect from January 2015 the following prices will apply:-


  Price pcm inc VAT Price pcm inc VAT  
Size (sq ft) Measurements
Long x wide x high (ft)
Cubic metres
Van Equivalent Downstairs Upstairs Deposit
160 20' * 8' * 8' 33.0 7.5 tonne van £200 £180 £125
80 10' * 8' * 8' 15.75 Luton Van £140 £120 £125
52 7.4' * 7' * 6.8' 9.75 Transit Van £110 £100 £75
40 10' * 4' * 8' 8.25 Transit Van £90 £80 £75


  Price pcm inc VAT Price pcm inc VAT  
Size (sq ft) Measurements
Long x wide x high (ft)
Cubic metres
Van Equivalent Downstairs Upstairs Deposit
160 20' * 8' * 8' 33.0 7.5 tonne van £225 £210 £125
80 10' * 8' * 8' 15.75 Luton Van £150 £140 £125
40 10' * 4' * 8' 8.25 Transit Van £110 £100 £75
20 5' * 4' * 8' 4.1 SUV boot £70 £70 £75

Do I need a deposit?

We ask for a deposit when you first book a storage unit with us (see table above for the amounts, which all assume that you are paying by way of credit or debit card). The deposit is fully refundable when you exit your storage and the majority of customers get their deposit back in full immediately after they leave us. This is repaid directly to your account if you have paid using a credit/debit card and to a bank if you have paid directly. We do not refund in cash.

Deposits are only withheld if:

  • you have not returned all your locks and keys,
  • you owe us money,
  • you have damaged the unit in any way
  • you have left goods in your unit or elsewhere on the site.

What if I need long term storage?

We can offer discounts for long term storage with payment in advance or for multiple units.

For Advance Payment Discount offered
6 months in advance, 7.5% discount
12 months in advance 10% discount

We will also offer discounts for multiple units on request.

Occasionally we have other short term incentives.

Just ask us about any deals that we are offering.

How do I pay?

Payment can be made in a number of ways:-

  • By credit or debit card, which MUST be in the name of the person signing the storage contract
  • Payment directly into our bank, details of which will be provided on request
  • Internet banking or BACS
  • Cheque

Please note we do NOT take cash

When do I pay?

When you first take out storage you will be asked to pay the deposit. The storage rental and any insurance you have taken out with us is charged from your start date until the end of that calendar month on a pro rata basis (so if your start date was 10th March, you would be charged until the end of March i.e. 22 days, to include your start date). With Thames Self Storage you only pay for the days you use

After that payment is due on 1st day of each calendar month. This will be automatically charged to your credit/debit card if you have chosen this payment option.

When you want to leave, we require 14 days notice of your leaving date, but we will repay any unused rent along with your deposit; subject to your handing back the padlocks and keys, not owing us any money and taking all your goods away from the site (see our Terms and Conditions). This is either returned to your credit/debit card or to your bank.

How do I stop payment?

If we have your credit or debit card details for monthly payment, you should call us if the card has been lost or stolen or simply passed its expiry date.

Of course payment will not be authorised, provided you have informed your bank . We will contact you for a replacement card or provide our bank detail so that payment can be made.

Once you have left the storage facility for the last time and the account has been settled, all records of your credit/debit card details are destroyed by us

Can I buy packaging?

We have a limited supply of storage boxes and bubble wrap available for sale on site should you need it. Prices are available on request.